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Boutique attitude, boss performance

Small enough to care,
big enough to deliver

Beam's offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom are full of passionate, talented folks who are dedicated to supporting the people and businesses around them.

We are not some big, faceless conglomerate, but at the same time we have enough international reach, experience and horsepower to deliver the complex and critical solutions that large organisations require.

Our decision to focus solely on the NZ and UK markets, allows us to channel substantial resources into delivering best-in-class products and solutions, with the level of service and support that only a local business can provide. 


Our People

The 'Beam Team' are a heady mix of software gurus, creative geniuses, OCD product managers and client support heroes who are ​all passionate about getting it right. 

Nothing gives them a bigger kick than delivering a product with the high levels of power, professionalism, and polish that they themselves aim for and take pride in.

When you partner with us, you have a single dedicated support manager who is there for you every step of the way. Your business is their top priority until your product is delivered to your exacting standards.


But it doesn't stop there - the same person will be your ongoing support hero for as long as you wish, ensuring maximum expertise and accountability for the future.

Our Story

Established in 2014 in Auckland & Wellington amid the 

burgeoning​ VR and AR market, Beam quickly grew its client list as more and more companies rushed to be part of that space.

Establishing our UK presence in 2018 not only allowed us to grow our organisation,  but to add a whole extra dimension of insights and resources to our NZ operation.

Since then Beam has expanded its speciality areas into AI, business productivity, transportation management, communications and HR training platforms.

Expanded too has our presence and capability, with talented teams of experts focused on two nations at opposite ends of the globe, and our 'envoys' based in Europe and the US keeping up with the latest processes and technology trends there.

Our mission is to keep growing, but for one purpose only -

to be able to continuously improve the standard of service and level of attention given to our boss - the customer.

We will always be a small business at heart, staying agile, passionate, efficient and motivated to provide the best client experience possible.

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